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Check In/ Check Out:

  • Check in is between *4-9:00 pm. (7 pm after Labor Day)

  • We offer self check in. Please let us know if you'd like this option.

  • Late check ins, may pick your Welcome Packet up at the wishing well on the main driveway.   

*if available, there's a $45 add on option for early check in. Call ahead to see if this is an option on your day of arrival.

If you automatically show early this will be charged to the balance of the stay.

  • Checkout is prior to 10 am.

  • If you will be arriving later than 9:00 pm (7 pm after Labor Day), please be sure to read the text message we send you on day of arrival for your check in instructions.

  • The balance of all stays is charged on day of arrival around 3 am ET.

  • If 1/2 of your party desires to pay the balance of the stay, please call in the cc info at the latest the day before arrival, otherwise you will need to work out another way to share costs, as the balance is on an auto charge day of arrival and cannot be reversed.

  • There are no refunds for changes/modifications/early check outs.

  • Arriving constitutes agreeing to our terms and policies, whether you were present to sign the invoice or not.

CHECK OUT is before 10 am.

Our Office is open 8 am - 9 pm (8 pm after Labor Day)

We open the for for browsing the fliers, FREE shuttle schedules, etc.

We only man the office 4-9 pm (7 pm after Labor Day)

WE live here. We manage the whole property - housekeeping- grounds- calls etc.

If you need us. we carry the phone and can meet you in the office or on the property during hours of 8 am - 9 pm.

After 9 pm we sleep, don't hear the text signals and there is no night staff for night services.

We are a small operation and we need time to implement proper sanitation practices and our level of staffing for our property, we must have the rooms vacated as soon as possible.

Anyone staying past 10 am will be charged $50 per hour (price subject to change at management discretion), for housekeeping overtime pay-beginning at 10:01 am, by 12 pm there will be a full next day charge, though you will be required to vacate for us to receive the next guests). 

Guests will be charged $10 for a lost room key and $40 an additional twin rollaway or $10 for a pack n play style of extra bed.  

Violators will be evicted without a refund.


Eden Village is privately owned and management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, and will not be responsible for accidents or injury to guests or for loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind.


We appreciate your patronage and want you to have a great stay

at Eden village. 



There are NO daily maid services.

We are in an effort to keep costs down as well as save our planet.

(There are hooks to hang towels to be reused)

The majority of our guests will reuse and hang their towels to dry, rather than changing them everyday. Our Planet thanks us!

Again, Please RE Use your towels.

Guests who have longer stays and desire a change of towels, may pack soiled linens in the given laundry bag, leave them outside of their door in the morning no later than 11 am and we will collect and bring replacement towels to your door in a new clean laundry bag.

If the laundry bag is left out after 11 am, we will not replace it till next day.

On checkout day :

The Units are more like lil condos or tiny houses, therefore we ask Guests to wash their dishes and take their garbage to the dumpster before the 10 am departure schedule.

Key drop is in the Key drop black box under the "Key Drop Here" sign on the Wishing well on the main driveway.

Please drop the key off, so we know you have vacated the space, otherwise if you leave it in the rooms we are guessing you went for breakfast and will return before check out time.

There is bottled water, toothpaste, pain reliever, etc for purchase at the office. We will add purchases to your final room charge. we'd rather not have cash.

All sale items are subject to Maine State Sales Tax

Eden Village is private property and strictly for the use of its registered guests.


  • Stays require a 50% deposit

  • (100%) to guests who buy the Travel Protection Insurance, see next bullet point below

    • Guests who purchase Travel Protection Insurance must know that the complete reservation   will be charged on booking day. If the reservation is missing a specific charge, such as a pet rate or fee management will add this fee when they edit the reservation. When a guest needs to utilize a travel protection claim, they must follow the link they were sent in the email, the management does not do this for them.

  • Any changes to a reservation would constitute a non-refundable cancellation unless approved in advance by Eden Village.

  • Every cancellation will have a $25 processing fee.

  • All balances are fully charged by 3 am day of arrival with no refund.

  • Cancellations outside of 2 weeks to arrival may have a refund of the deposit - $25 fee.

  • Guests who decide to depart early will not receive a refund.

  • All guests with electric vehicles who plug in here to charge may expect the add on of $5 per day for charging service.

Early Departures

  • There are NO REFUNDS available for early departures.

  • We do our best to try to accommodate our guests. Yet, IF a new arrival decides the reserved space does not accommodate their needs, please communicate with us immediately, as we may have other spaces available to better accommodate your preferences. IF we do not have a preferred accommodation, NO REFUND will be given.


  • Rates listed on this website are advanced reservation rates and are subject to change without notice. 

  • Rates are based on 2 person occupancy, each guest above the base rate (rates are based on 2 guests only) is $10 per night, per guest, up to the full capacity.

  • Children under 12 are free towards the full capacity rate.

  • Each room has a max capacity, as deemed by the State Fire Marshall.

  • IF a guest's party exceeds this room capacity, there will be extra charges incurred. When we find out the room is over capacity we will offer to rent an additional extra room, at an extra charge. If the guest refuses, we will ask the guest to leave. There will be NO REFUNDS GIVEN. The guest's card on file will be charged.

  • Adults are 13 and over.

  • Cottages 1-4 are animal friendly cottages ONLY .

  • IF animals are found to be in an animal free space they will be charged the animal fees and asked to either change spaces as available or vacate the property with no refund given.

  • $250 will be charged on the guest charge if animal(s) are left unattended in the spaces.


Deposits, Refunds and Notice:

  • 50% of the full stay for any reservation. 100% if Travel Protection is purchased.

  • Deposit is required for all advance reservations.

  • If you cancel your confirmed reservation your deposit will be returned subject to the following conditions: (unless otherwise specified by a special offer)

  • We must be notified 14 days prior to the date of your reservation in order to receive a full refund less a $25 processing fee.  


  • IF guests are asking for exceptions to these policies due to illness/death/unplanned emergency circumstances, the circumstances must be validated in order for any consideration to be made. Exceptions may be issued in a 1 year accommodation credit ONLY.

  • Any reservation that requests an animal stay requires a $45 for 1-2 days/$75 for 3 days plus security deposit. Pet fee is $20 per pet per night for the entire duration of the stay. SEE ANIMAL POLICY PAGE

We Reserve the right to adjust rooms to suit our reservations system to accommodate our inquiries.

  • When reservations come to us from Booking Engines, at times the guests are filling in unsold spaces due to the property capacity being full. Guests find that they are moving from room to room on some of the days of their stay.

Please check your invoice in case you have questions about moving day(s). We make moving from room to room easy, if you pack up your belongings we can move them to the new space for you so you may go out and enjoy the day, picking up your new room key upon return to the property for the day.



Smoking is permitted on the rear deck and front porch of the Motel. No Smoking is permitted in our motel rooms or cottages or cottage porches. There is a $250 charge for smoking inside any motel rooms or cottages/cottage porches.

A new notice came out on 6/5/19. There is no longer smoking allowed on any of our Cottage Porches; Neither Screened, nor open window style. ALL smoking must be outdoors.

Smoking Policy 2019 St ME.JPG
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