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Eden Village Motel & Cottages Animal Policy

We accept Animals in Cottages 1 thru 4 ONLY.

Limit 2 Animals per room

You will find our animal policy to consist of common sense and common courtesy requirements.

Any reservation that requests an animal stay requires a non-refundable cleaning fee *(in the amounts of $45 for 1-2 days/$75 for 3 days plus).

Nightly Animal fee is $20 per Animal per night for the entire duration of the stay. There is a non refundable cleaning fee* plus the $20 per Animal per night fee.

·       Animals are NEVER to be left unattended in the units.

{IF this ever occurs, there is a $250 per day fine will be charged, for that instance, to the card on file.} 

·        IF a guests brings an animal into an animal free room, we will charge the guest $250 minimum to bring the room back to animal free status for our highly allergic guests.

·        We will offer the guest an available animal friendly space and direct to the local kennel to board their Animal(s).

·        Just know if a guest sneaks an animal in, we have the right to verify the Animal presence and charge the $250 cleaning fee.

·        Rates listed DO NOT include the non refundable deposits and $20/night per Animal per night, fees.

·        When reserving a room or cottage with an animal, you will be charged $20/night per animal of the full stay, plus the non refundable cleaning fee.

We realize your dog may bark at times, please be courteous of our other guests. We will ask you board your dog, IF there is bothersome barking, especially from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Downeast Kennel in Ellsworth is a local kennel where you can board your dog if necessary.

·       Animals are NOT allowed on any furnishings in the units.

·       Animals must be kept restrained when outdoors.

·       Animals are not allowed to swim in our pond.

·       You must clean up after your Animal in any area. There is a dumpster near the property garage for your bagged waste dumping.

·       You may let your dog run loose behind our motel, though you are fully and financially responsible for any actions your dog may display.

·       We have 20 acres with a trail and a large field behind the motel.

·       There is a $20/per animal per night Animal fee for entire duration of stay, which will not be refunded if the Animal is disruptive and needs to be taken elsewhere.

·       You are responsible for any damages that your animal may cause.

Some of the whale watch boats have kennels on board at no additional charge.

·       See the nps website or ask at a visitor center for current animal policies for Acadia National Park.

We would like to thank you in advance for your consideration.

PLEASE utilize our in room recycled grocery bags if you do not have Animal waste bags. You may add grocery bags to the “sock” if you have some.

*If ANY Animal comes into the space any of the days of the stay we require a $75 Security/Cleaning fee

We require verification of a healthy Animal (No fleas or diseases), and the full Animal fee for each Animal for each night of the stay NO EXCEPTIONS.

When we see a reservation come in with an Animal, we reserve the right to charge the $75 non- refundable cleaning fee immediately.

We take the non - refundable security/cleaning fee for any Animals visit to a cottage.
(such as you have friends in an animal free space and your animal enters that animal free space….)

We provide rags and Animal towels, please request more as needed

We reserve the right to charge a minimum of $250 damage fee for any Animal damage.
We would like to thank you in advance for your consideration.

Thank you,

Eden Village Motel & Cottages

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