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A Little Personal

Bar Harbor Maine Lodging
Eden Village Motel & Cottages Owners
Dana & Lena Hatch

(Pictured - Dana & Lena Hatch and Michael & Lisa Preble 44 years of Friendship, initial business partners to Eden Village till 2022, see below)

Dana & Lena Hatch are partners in the owning and running of

Eden Village Motel & Cottages.


Lena & Lisa have been friends since Middle School

in Hesperia California in 1977.  Mike & Lisa were in Lena’s wedding in 1982.  Mike & Lisa Preble were married in April of 1987. Dana & Lena Hatch were married in April of 2012.


Mike & Dana met in 2017, when we all went to Hopewell Rocks in celebration of our anniversaries together.


Dana & Lena had owned Heathwood Inn Bed & Breakfast, 2015-2021 (which sits next door to Eden Village).

Dana has lived in this Village of Salsbury Cove, his whole life (so far). His mother lives 1 mile up the road in his childhood home, she and her husband are 93. Dana & Lena have 10 children together, and 13 grandchildren so far.

Mike & Lisa have 4 children & 7 grandchildren.

We all love Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island and the Eden Village Motel & Cottages, along with meeting all of the guests we get to host along the way.


Dana has been in Carpentry 40 plus years, and loves the outdoors.

Mike has been a Meat Cutter 40 plus years and is a woodworker/craftsman, who also loves the outdoors.


Lisa is a mom who home-schooled, has worked in the banking system, loves to sew and craft, utilizing her creative nature. Lena likes to sing, sew, design, take pictures and do art works, such as seaglass art. Lena has become a successful entreprenuer, who never knew she was...

In January of 2022, Michael Preble died of COVID-19 Complications.

He left a beautiful family and dear friends with severe broken hearts.

Eden Village Shines with the friendship he and Dana shared as they worked together to Renew this place. Everywhere we go here we know Mike is still "with" us. His daughter Shaina said - "I feel my dad's presence here".

It was hard for Lisa, as everywhere she was here it emanated her severely missed husband.

Dana & Lena took on the business at the end of the 2022 season and said "We will see you later" to our dear friend Lisa, as she moved to live blocks from her 2 of 4 children and 6 of 7 grands!

Our loving friendship continues.

2023 will be a new beginning for Dana & Lena without our BFF partners.

We are asking for God's blessings on the continuation of our business.

Bar Harbor Maine Lodging owners

Michael & Lisa Preble

Bar Harbor Maine Lodging

Dana & Lena Hatch

Partners of

Preble - Hatch Properties, LLC

Congratulations to the

New Owners of

Eden Village Motel & Cottages


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